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VASCULAR by Musclegen Research, Inc.

Pharmacologically Advanced Nitric Oxide Enhancing Breakthrough

VASCULAR is the nitric oxide supplement we’ve been waiting for! Developed by Musclegen Research, Inc., the same people that brought you Jacked the Ripper, Anabolic Monster and Freak Powder have generated a solid buzz in the bodybuilding community with a promise of introducing a new level of mind-blowing pumps and increased physical performance during your workouts. 

Heres the question that needs to be asked: What makes VASCULAR different then all of the other N.O. Supplements out today?

Answer: A lot! Long Answer is in the ingredients. VASCULAR'S ingredients are carefully chosen to maximize Nitric Oxide Stimulation. Musclegen’s proprietary blend is simple but the ingredients are not like any found in a current nitric oxide supplements. The primary ingredient is arginine nitrate; this is a key ingredient in any NO supplements, however with VASCULAR it has much more of it! No Skimping here.

The addition of the nitrate ion to the already effective amino acid l-arginine allows for BOTH the l-arginine and nitrate to create nitric oxide within the body. More nitric oxide in your body means more vasodilation, which equates to much more nutrient and blood flow to the muscles. Further giving you record-shattering intense pumps which are what bodybuilders need and desire. But increased nitric oxide isn’t the only interesting new ingredient. VASCULAR also has a solid foundation of plant extracts to support the formula and push our lifting efforts further:

Another important ingredient in Vascular is GKG – which is really the first time it has been in a supplement! Vascular also contains A-KIC, OKG and some other non-steroidal compounds such as Tribulus Terrestris and L-Glutamine which, combined, has a significant anti-fatigue property, giving you that needed boost and pump of energy, heightened focus and increased endurance needed for you to get the next level quick!

Sick pumps, increased energy and endurance equals more “real” time in the gym and with quicker recovery times, VASCULAR will explode your workouts and your physique to new levels that you never imagined possible with an over the counter NO product!