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MIRACLE GROWTH by MuscleGen Research, Inc.

Naturally increase Growth Hormone production while increasing mental clarity and focus. Miracle Grow can speed up recovery and repair of liver damage as well as reduce diabetes related problems including reducing high blood sugar levels. Supports Healthy Cholesterol levels and heart health.


L-Arginine: Supports & Maintains Healthy Blood pressure, Supports Sexual Vigor and Performance, Vascularity, Supports Healthy Cholesterol levels, Boosts nutrients and Oxygen delivery, Supports Healing and Speeds Recover, Improves Flexibility and Health of Arteries.

L-Ornithine: Stimulation of the pituitary gland to increase HGH production, regenerates liver damage, Reduces fatigue, increase lean muscle and decrease adipose fat cells.  

L-Lysine HCI: Converts fatty acids into usable energy, lowers cholesterol, reduces anxiety, anti-cancer properties, increases calcium absorption, reduces diabetes related problems, supports healthy digestion.

L-Glutamine: Promotes healthy digestion, Promotes focus and healthy brain function, stimulates lean muscle growth, aids in recovery, increases athletic performance, fights high blood sugar levels.

Colostrum: Boosts Immune system function, Improve Gut Health.

Ornithine Alphakoluterate: Increases athletic performance, aids in wound healing and repair, releases natural HGH

L-Glysine: promotes mental clarity, Liver protection, cancer preventative.