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COGNITION by MuscleGen Research, Inc.

COGNITION a supplement that was designed to support enhanced focus, alertness, clarity and confidence.  

The potential to realize greatness exists in us all. We have the unlimited ability to imagine, create and achieve anything we want in life and it all starts in our mind. 

At MuscleGen Research, we believe our minds are our most precious asset but this is often overlooked in nutritional support practices. We tend to eat and supplement for our body and muscles but do not give equal credit to our minds. However, there are days that you feel energetic, your head is clear, words are articulate and confidence is high. Wouldn't it be great to feel this way all the time? We call this COGNITION, and according to a university pilot study this is the supplement designed to support enhanced focus, alertness, clarity and confidence, whenever you need it.


As athletes and businessmen, we at MUSCLEGEN RESEARCH appreciate proper nutrition that helps us feel energized and alert. The first choice for energy is usually caffeine, likely the most effective nutrient and definitely the most popular. However, we wanted to create an effective caffeine-free alternative because too much caffeine can cause side effects such as sleep deprivation, adrenal fatigue and the so-called “jitters”.  Our challenge was to come up with a formula of evidence based ingredients that not only help promote alertness, focus and motivation, but also support the feeling of calmness. After many months of trial and error, the MUSCLEGEN RESEARCH R&D team found a formula that we all loved.

COGNITION made us feel great with the ability to work out and perform at work with laser like focus.